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Friday, May 16, 2008

School's Out ... Almost!

Hi! Well, there's just ONE MORE WEEK of school and then it is SUMMER vacation! I, for one, can not wait! It has been a great year, but I SO enjoy my time away from work! The dogs are dying to get out and do some fun stuff rather than just hang around the house! This is evidenced by the fact that Hunter found a loose plank in the fence, sneaked out and found a rabbit's nest! I was dismayed. He was quite proud!

Now that the weather is nicer, Keith and I go for more walks with Christopher and the dogs! The rain has put a damper on that this past week (please pardon the pun!) but I think we are about over the rainy season! I'm hoping to get Gypsy in an Agility class this summer too. She needs a little confidence building!

Keith has another week of school after I do (aw, poor guy)! I guess that's what he gets for having a fall break AND a spring break! He would rather get out earlier and not have that fall break though! I, of course, will give him a very hard time when he has to get up and I get to sleep in! :)

I hope that if you're reading this that you are enjoying a lovely day/evening as well! I'm sure that this is NOT the most interesting blog / post but I do thank you for reading! Maybe I"ll get better at this blogging thing as time goes on! LOL I guess you have to understand that in May, teachers don't have much of a life! :) Of course, I AM looking forward to some of the movies that are coming out. Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia) just opened and I can't wait to see it. My sister and her daughter went to see it tonight, but they said that they would go again, if it is good! Of course it will be goo! And then, next week ... Indiana Jones! I have to admit, I have been an Indiana Jones fan (you can read into that a Harrison Ford fan) for many many years! As a matter of fact, I even considered naming a child Harrison. Keith didn't like that so much. I think he was jealous!! LOL
If you've seen either one of these two by the time you read this, feel free to let me know what you thought! BUT, please oh please do NOT spoil anything! : )

Have a great day!
Gina <><

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